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Doctor Who
Ginger and Barcelona.
g | drabble | Ten, slight Ten/Rose | 271 Words
"Then he became aware of his tongue. His tongue was different. Oh that was weird."

g | angst | Ten/Rose | 549 Words
"Doesn't he deserve her, a last bit of peace? Would his conscience really be that much more burdened by a few more millions?">

Another Person.
r | Mickey, Mickey/Rose, Ten/Rose | 420 Words
"He realised, he Mickey Smith was over Rose Tyler."

pg | angst | Ten | 324 Words
"If Romana saw him would she slap him? If Susan spotted him, would she run the other way? If Professor Chronotis met him would it be with a cold hearts felt condescension, and loathing?"

pg | angst | Ten/Romanadvoratrelundar(all) | 1,288 Words
"And it’s just one more thing to add to the list of what you forget. The turn of her lips, and the feeling of her knuckles, sharply pronounced under the soft skin."

5 Times the Doctor Falls In Love With Romanadvoratrelundar.
pg | angst/fluff | The Doctor (4 and 8)/Romanadvoratrelundar(all) | 1,394 Words
And he falls in love with the impish, Lady President, who is much too much like him to keep Gallifrey boring.

Living & Home.
g | Three | 1,036 Words
"The problem with the average life span of a Time Lord being a couple of millennia is that their definition of a short-term punishment is a century."

He Laughs, She Smiles.
nc-17 | angst, hate!sex | Romana/Saxon!Master | 651 Words
"It's wrong, she shouldn't be doing this."

The Last Surprise.
pg-13 | Saxon!Master/Romana | 1,157 Words
"It's still me there wasn't enough Pandora left to overrule my mind, just enough to fix me. She became one with me, more so than she first was." (Written before the finale AU)

pg-13 | Saxon!Master/Lucy Saxon | 1,400 Words
"Inside she dances and laughs, protected forever, even as her corpse is abandoned by the man she loved." (Written before the finale AU.)

Ways of Observation.
r | pwp | Martha/Jack, Ten, & an Alien | 1,006 Words
"It is rather inappropriate, well for her time period..." (Written before the finale arc. AU.)

Martha Jones & Torchwood 3.
pg-13 | angst/fluff | Martha/Jack, and the Torchwood Team | 1,402 Words
"They just wrapped the stories, the memories up around themselves and each other, and snuggled deep into them." (Written before s2 of TW AU).

In Tandem.
g | fluff | Martha/Jack | 310 Words
"Then he followed her into madness."

Part of the Son of Tag drabbles @[livejournal.com profile] who_otp All unspoilery and G, though the Jack one has some customary innuendo.
Four/Romana I
| Jack/Romana I | Leela/Romana II

pg-13 | angst/reflection | Crews, Reese | 636 words
"She lets out a sigh of relief when after ten sheep (and god she could kill him, that never helped her sleep) he said nothing."

A Work In Progress. Or: How Reese Learned To Stop Worrying and Move in With Crews.
Step 1. | Step 2. | Step 3. | Step 4. | Step 5.
r | fluff (mostly) | Crews/Reese.
"She nodded in her long suffering way that said they had obviously passed the point of rational conversation."

The Middleman
The Sleep Deprived Thoughts Incident.
pg | pre-ship | Wendy Watson/The Middleman | 878 words
"The Middleman, a real life superhero, who didn't wear tights, was barefoot and… lightly snoring."

The End of The Day Feel Good Feeling.
g | gen | Wendy Watson, The Middleman | 551 words
"The door closed quietly, for a moment you can see nothing, the back hallway of the club, too bright, and your eyes take too many seconds to readjust."

Thus Were They Led Away.
pg | angst/reflection | Morgana, Gwen, Morgana/Gwen/Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot | 682 words
Future!Fic: "Morgana remembers how it used to be."

To See You Right
g | fluff | Uther, Morgana | 575 words
"Would you have me married against my will, my lord?"

The Wrong Type of Destines
r | angst/smut | Uther/Morgana | 337 words
"Maybe his hips moving against hers, and his hand gripping her hip hard enough to bruise is how it was meant to be."

Other Fandoms

Dollhouse | Bound To Linger On.
m | angst | DeWitt/Dominic | 3239 words
”Adelle DeWitt did not do accidents, although apparently she did mistakes.”

Law & Order: UK | Enough.
g | angst | James Steel, Alesha Phillips | 491 words
Written pre-Alesha. "She's staring into the London dusk, her face suddenly hard and resolute. It breaks his heart a little to see her like that."

Pirates of the Caribbean | The Calm Before the Storm.
pg | fluff | Norrington/Elizabeth. 1288 words
Pre-CotBP - "The fact that there were two of her wasn't really helping his quickly growing adoration."

Sapphire & Steel | Very Serious. Sapphire, Jet, Steel. G.
g | humour | Sapphire, Jet, Steel | 375 words
"Steel was nervous."

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