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Nope! The only Austen I've read, like 90% of mankind, if Pride and Prejudice. Pfft.

But I'll do them cause I trust your word that it won't kill it for me.

34, inspired. love the use of texture, the colouring, and the nebulous background! but maybe the font coulda been blurred? 35 really pretty colour. 36 nice colour! did you cut her out? and put the sky behind her? it almost looks like it and if so NICELY DONE. 37 this colour is gorgeous, dude, really. it kills me dead!!! love te reds and browns! 38 more beautiful colour, and there's that awesome frame-box again. 39 SHE'S SO PRETTY, love the light-stripe, and the orangey colouring, beauuuutiful! Seriously! 40 nice font and diffuse spot, looove the colour. 41 text is hard to read, pwninating b/w as always. 42 COLOUR FTW. love her girlish fresh smile to his dour manly confusion-frown. 43 a leetle hard to read, but just a beautiful comp. love it. 44 THIS IS GORGEOUS. love the fireplace/door (? it doesn't even matter, the interior) and her figure nd the frac'd text. 45 FUCKING COLOUR YOU ON A ROLL HERE! 46 a bit red but I like the colour. 47 colour, font blurred maybe. 48 colour!!!!!! and yoru trademark text lolz. 49 too hard to read, le sadly. 50 colour and movement win! their hair and the roll of the hills makes this move, awesome image choices! 51 I LOVE THIS COLOURING SO MUCH OMFG I LOVE ITTTTT!!! and the cut-out text, omg, fucking inspired. 52 this is actually flawless. text placement, font, colouring, neg space, neg space's colour, positioning...all totally brilliant. perfect. 53 COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR OMFG FTW YOU AND YOUR ROLLING THAT YOU ARE ON IN THIS S/S THING HERE. Gorgeous use of text, it totally integrates with the hill's rolling perfectly. 54 COLOUR FTW. also i love that font, it's absolutely gorgeous nd 100% perfectly situated and chosen. 55 I'm not loving the font colour, but their colouring's really pretty. 56 PURPLE ATTACK AND I LOVE IT FUCKING LOVE IT. her movement and the purple and the little box with her face...fucking brilliant dude. perfect comp!!! 57 all the white space, I must say after 56 it looks made weak and empty. 56 is just that good. 58 this is gorggggeous, all picture framey and maritime and perfectly 19th century and the image choices and the b/w and the blurred ampersand and aaaah! loveliness!! 59 a bit grainy, fucking love the text/font though. 60 this is also fucking brilliant, love the b/w, the font/text choices, the sllllight diffusion/graininess? which at that size looks pwnination, the little tiny text on the side. FTW. 61 could be a bit darker, it looks overpowered by the white like this, but gorge colouring. 62 love the red colouring. 63 pretty inspired, though a bitttt hard to read, I thought she was in the Arctic at the dual figures, drop shadow/stroke'd text, though. GORGE.

new!Kyle and Derek icons wouldn't have been a bad idea.

NOW GO TO THE TERMINATOR ICONS HO. [ profile] polar_sea [ profile] polar_sea [ profile] polar_sea [ profile] polar_sea [ profile] polar_sea [ profile] polar_sea YOUR MOM!
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Oh I screened your last comment for the moment, so don't be alarmed at it's apparent absence. I will unscreen it in a little whiles.


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