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Well sort of. This journal is about half friends only, and half not. I real often sometimes babble about Doctor Who and some of those comments are not friends only.
comment and I will most likely add you, if you're not sure here is a post which is more about me than fandom. All of my graphics and fanfiction writing, are posted here as well. This is however a new situation and all of my graphics from before August 2008 are at [livejournal.com profile] a_curst_shrew.

My layout was made by [livejournal.com profile] minty_peach
My header was made by me. My FO banner was made by me.
My lovely Green Wing mood theme is from [livejournal.com profile] miss_jaffacake.
And the fantastic Black Books mood theme is from dallowayward.
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Title: Not Everything Is Uniform
Song: I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform) - The Pipettes
Subject: Merlin. OT4, focus on Morgana realizing she can love Gwen just like Arthur loves Merlin.
Notes: This is silly, this is my first vaguely silly vid, so I'm proud of that. I am not so happy with the execution of this however. I feel I may have reused Merlin in the silly costume one too many times, but it has been on my harddrive since February so I thought I'd finally share it. Also, for some reason, iMovie said there was something in the files that weren't compatible to compressing it to a .mp4, so the only quality I have is poor. Sorry.

If you tube cuts out, please tell me. Also I'm having trouble finding the embed link at iMeem, if anyone could me what is up with that, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
I wanna kiss everyone in uniform! )
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Star Trek: THE ORIGINAL SERIES 36 icons (from Charlie X)
Star Trek: THE NEXT GENERATION 30 icons (from The Naked Now)
Star Trek: XI i.e. 2009 Movie 61 icons & 2 banners (1 Kirk. 1 McCoy.)


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Picard: The Great Bald One )
The New Kirk, The New Spock, The Old Spock )

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My finals are basically over, and I am running on 4 hours of sleep since saturday and lots of caffeine, so I thought I'd finally get this up before I crash. This post was awhile in the making, but ahm, here we go, things I've been meaning to make icons of for ages, and finally have.

NORTH & SOUTH 33 icons (Episode 1 only)
SENSE & SENSIBILITY (2008) 30 icons (Episode 2 only)
Shakespeare Re-Told: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW 78 icons & 1 banner


I have seen hell and it is white, snow white. )
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feel free to friend, but be warned
reviews & fic may leak through
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I am really happy right now. Like just gleeful and chipper, like if you met me in the street I'd probably start babbling about the Late Republic like I was talking about celebrity gossip, which basically what it was, just with more blood, sex, and "causes." Part of it is I spent the whole day reading fic for pairings I don't usually read but it was fun nonetheless, and part of it was because Bound To Linger On got like the most comments I've ever gotten on a fic, and I responded to four of them in a row, and two of them used the term "heartbreaking." I must be a sadist because that made me jump up and down in positive glee. Oh and 'cause I haven't said so here I GOT TICKETS TO SEE AMANDA PALMER AND NEIL GAIMAN. I just saw Neil Gaiman for the first time last week (he signed my copy of Fragile Things which is not necessarily my favorite, but it means the most to me, "Going Wodwo" is even up on my wall), so I'm really going to this thing for Housing Works that they're doing for Amanda Palmer. The fact that I've never seen her live does kind of break my heart, but it is being recitified June 3rd so yay (and I won't make an ass of myself trying to seduce her, really, I'll refrain... hopefully). Then Puff the Magic Dragon came on my iPod, if you don't listen to the last few lines (which I don't) it is the happiest song I have (well one of the happiest, I'm also partial to Smile by The Supernaturals and Loose Lips). Although I do wish I could change my userpic keywords without loosing my links to them *pout*.

On the writing front I feel like I have a million things in process, which I like. Three things going for Dollhouse. I have this Adelle fic which just needs to be completed (which I am totally blaming W.H. Auden for btw). Another Adelle scene and structure and no actual plot to go with it. But I also have this future!fic set after the Dollhouse is shut down and the dolls get their memories back, it would be about how Echo was no longer Caroline (and okay there might be a scene where she tells Ballard the Fucktard™ to stop being creepy and weird and just Fuck. Off.) because she had been a doll, she was an evolution of things. She wouldn't call herself Caroline (I don't think Echo either, I would need to come up with a good third name... oh Boyd could've died in the "final battle" and she could take his name... which mightn't work cause he's a dude but...). So yeah a post-Dollhouse Caroline fic. (If somebody wants to adopt this bunny I might be willing to give it away as I probably won't get around to writing it and it is very half-formed.)

Then, probably because I spent half the day stalking [livejournal.com profile] dollsome's fic list, I have a fic idea for The Office. It is Toby/Kelly, it wouldn't be as epic as Pam/Toby or Kelly/Ryan but I want t do a cute scene with them 'cause they both need love, and Kelly could be so upbeat and annoy him until he was happy (which is totally how life works).

I also have this idea for an original story, but I feel like I have ornaments and no Christmas tree. I even think I have branches just not the actual trunk. It is very annoying it is like the story is there just out of sight. It's half annoying and half exciting.

So yeah, I'm going out tonight so I probably won't get to see Dollhouse till late which will make upset, but it also means the time I have to wait for the second season (which there will be otherwise I will kill) will be a few hours less. Anyway c'est moi, en ce moment.

I also just got the weirdest desire to rewatch The Edukators. I want to change my layout too, but I can't quite find one I like as well (the banner might change to Adelle and Dominic, but Morgana will probably stay, it is a very tough choice).
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Title: Bound To Linger On
Characters: DeWitt/Dominic
Genre: Angst
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Not mine, Whedon’s mind frak.
Word Count: 3239
Summary: ”Adelle DeWitt did not do accidents, although apparently she did mistakes.” Spoilers through 1x11 Briar Rose.
Notes: Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladyvivien for betaing, it’s much better now, and the tense is consistent, which er probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

But she had never quite thought clearly in Laurence )

Comments will be loved & they wont be put in the Attic, promise. ☺
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Series: A Work In Progress. Or: How Reese Learned To Stop Worrying and Move in With Crews.
Title: Step 5. They Settle on His. Or: They’re no longer partners, technically.
Rating: PG
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Characters & Pairings: Crews/Reese, Ted
Summary: The last step.
Notes: The A Work In Progress part of the title comes from the [livejournal.com profile] crews_reese community. So excuse the blatant ripping off. I’m really not sure about this chapter, and there is one between this and the last one, that I might post at a later date, but for now, this is the last chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Also again, sorry, for taking so long.

Previous Parts: Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.

”Ours.” )

Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed. This has been my first WIP so the encouragement has been much needed, and much appreciated.
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Title: One (I Found A Reason)
Song: I Found A Reason - Cat Power (Cover of a Velvet Underground song from the "Loaded" LP)
Subject: Life. Episodic for One. Crews/Reese.
Notes: An episodic vid for One, largely focused on the fact that the episode revolves around finding Dani. This is the second Life vid I've done. It is also the second Life vid I've done that was supposed to be gen, and ended up being almost entirely Crews/Reese (really though with that ending, could you blame me?). I ended up using dialogue in this vid, I don't really do that, so I'd love to hear what you think on that. I was impressed by Reese's sound bites through out the episode, and delivered brilliantly by Shahi, so I had to use some of them.

Lyrics, Streaming & For Download Under The Cut )
Concrit, and comments would be loved.
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Just a small post for Life, because it was awesome.


We even have a word for when you plus another equals one. )
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