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Title: Not Everything Is Uniform
Song: I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform) - The Pipettes
Subject: Merlin. OT4, focus on Morgana realizing she can love Gwen just like Arthur loves Merlin.
Notes: This is silly, this is my first vaguely silly vid, so I'm proud of that. I am not so happy with the execution of this however. I feel I may have reused Merlin in the silly costume one too many times, but it has been on my harddrive since February so I thought I'd finally share it. Also, for some reason, iMovie said there was something in the files that weren't compatible to compressing it to a .mp4, so the only quality I have is poor. Sorry.

If you tube cuts out, please tell me. Also I'm having trouble finding the embed link at iMeem, if anyone could me what is up with that, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Title: One (I Found A Reason)
Song: I Found A Reason - Cat Power (Cover of a Velvet Underground song from the "Loaded" LP)
Subject: Life. Episodic for One. Crews/Reese.
Notes: An episodic vid for One, largely focused on the fact that the episode revolves around finding Dani. This is the second Life vid I've done. It is also the second Life vid I've done that was supposed to be gen, and ended up being almost entirely Crews/Reese (really though with that ending, could you blame me?). I ended up using dialogue in this vid, I don't really do that, so I'd love to hear what you think on that. I was impressed by Reese's sound bites through out the episode, and delivered brilliantly by Shahi, so I had to use some of them.

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Concrit, and comments would be loved.
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Title: One Foot In The Grave
Song: The Box - Eastern Conference Champions
Subject: Life (gen-ish)
Notes: This didn't turn out how I expected. This was meant to be far more gen and about how everyone in this show is really haunted and kind of a victim of themselves or others in someway, and it ended up having more of a Crews/Reese vibe than I meant. Also, I'm not quite sure about how I dealt with:
It seems if only an empty drink
Cause this is a front
You don't want me now
Cause I am lost without you
(1:58 - 2:11).
I thought I knew how to do it, and then ahm I didn't. And I do feel like Life is unique in how it deals with the survivors of the homicides they investigate. This vid also had a lot less planning than usual, it was far more organic, so I really would be interested in knowing what you think of the outcome.

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Comments are loved, cared for, and generally given a good home. :)
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